continuous body temperature sensor with mobile application

Don't wake loved ones
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Thermeeno - continuous body temperature sensor

Thermeeno™ – temperature under control

Trouble-free, simple, continuous

Smart tool for gentle and accurate measuring of body temperature of all family members.

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Continuous temperature monitoring

The greatest advantage of the Thermeeno body temperature sensor is its ability to measure temperature continuously on a long-term basis. This allows you to have a constant overview of temperature trends and fluctuation.

Soft material, accurate measuring

The Thermeeno body temperature sensor is made of medical-grade silicone, is hypoallergenic and pleasant to touch. Whether used by children or adults, both can be sure that the measurement is absolutely comfortable and accurate.

Easy to use

Another advantage is its ease of use. Simply attach the sensor using an adhesive patch to the skin area below the armpit and it will take a temperature reading and transfer the information to a smart phone.

Thermeeno mobile application – reliable and informative

Thermeeno flawlessly and continuously monitors the body temperature while the measured data are recorded by and displayed on a mobile phone app.
You can thus comfortably monitor the temperature on your smart phone display.

Protecting the health and sleep of your loved ones

The great advantage that we offer is remote and continuous body temperature measuring. It means you will never have to disturb the peaceful sleep of your loved one as you will simply monitor body temperature measurement through a mobile phone app.

Practical for the whole family and also for athletes

The Thermeeno thermometer may be used not only for gentle and accurate body temperature measuring of all family members but also as a practical tool for measuring the temperature curve of athletes during physical exercise.

Useful functions of the Thermeeno mobile application

Smart technology for comfortable and accurate monitoring of the body temperature of your loved ones.

Temperature readings in your mobile phone

The Thermeeno application will provide you with clear body temperature measurement records of all members of your family.

Capable of measuring multiple users at the same time

The option of tracking body temperature from multiple sensors with just one phone is a practical feature.


Monitoring temperature on your behalf

The application will automatically notify you if the measured body temperature exceeds the set parameters.

Saving and sharing measurement data

You can easily export and send the saved measurement data by e-mail by clicking on the Share icon.

Download the mobile application

apple android

The application is freely downloadable and is designed for the following operating systems:

  • iOS version 10 or higher
  • Android version 5.1 or higher

Instruction video – Quick Start

Attaching the body temperature sensor

Sensor and telephone pairing

Should you have any questions please contact our Customer Service:

Customer Service in the Czech Republic:
Pears Health Cyber, s.r.o.
Voctářova 5
180 00 Praha

Technical specifications of the Thermeeno body temperature sensor

3.028 in × 0.854 in × 0.224 in (76.9 mm × 21.7 mm × 5.7 mm)
0.282 oz (8 g)
Sensor body material:
medical grade silicone rubber
Battery type:
CR1620 (3 V DC) – battery included
Battery life:
up to 60 days (24 hours a day)
Transmission mode:
Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy
Max. distance of the receiver:
15 meters
Measuring range:
32 °F to 122 °F (0 °C to 50 °C)
Measurement resolution:
0.1 °F
Measurement accuracy:
± 0.4 °F (between 32 °F and 122 °F)
Memory capacity:
6 to 10 hours of measuring (when not connected to app)
Operating temperature:
32 °F to 122 °F

For data transmission, the temperature sensor uses the low energy version of Bluetooth 4.0 with very small radiation. In comparison with a mobile phone, it emits 1,000 times less energy in extremely short intervals. There is no need to worry about the undesirable effects of electromagnetic radiation.

Thermeeno – continuous body temperature sensor

Package content

  • Thermeeno temperature sensor
  • Practical travel case
  • 10 pcs spare fixation adhesive straps
  • Battery CR1620 (3 V DC)
  • Battery replacement tool
Package content

Fixation adhesive straps for the Thermeeno body temperature sensor

Fixation straps for safe and comfortable attachment of the Thermeeno body temperature sensor onto the skin. They are made of soft and non-irritant adhesive strips. 2 blisters, 5 pcs each come in each order.

3M Cavilon spray 28 ml

This non-irritant barrier film is an excelent way to adhere the Thermeeno body temperature sensor onto the skin. Suitable in case of excessive sweating or increased physical activity.

Battery CR1620 1BP Li 1BP Li

Non-rechargeable lithium coin battery for the Thermeeno body temperature sensor.

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